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Want to know more about the icons in Cockpit? Then you've come to the right place. 


During your bookings in Cockpit, you will stumble upon numerous icons. 

In this article we have gathered all the information you will need to get familiar with the icons.

As you might've guessed, they all carry useful information and can help you in your every day journey through Cockpit. 

But fear not, you don't have to memorise them all! 

To get a swift reminder of the functions, just mouse-over the icons and fare types. 

From time to time you will see the Information Icon below.

Click on it to get advice on your booking process.

Airline logo

During your booking process you might  find yourself in situations where you want to have another look at the different airline logos. 

In other words, get a brush up on who's who. 

Great news, this is no problem at all. At any time, you can click on the airline logo, which will lead you to a new window with more information about the airline company. 


Ticket Time Limit

While dealing with booking processes, time is of the essence. 

And there sure is different time limits, when it comes to certain types of tickets. 

To get a full overview of the specific details of the Ticket Time Limit, mouse-over the logos to get more information. 

Here, the Ticket Time Limit will be converted to your time zone by GDS. 

For instance:

The date displayed was determined based on fare rules. However, the airline may request early ticketing. 

Airlines can use Amadeus Time Limits to define rules for determining the latest ticketing time.

In addition to the Last Ticketing Date from the fare rules, other criteria can be considered in these rules (for example, flight information, passenger information, point of sale). 

If this is the case, an OPW (Options Element - Warning) element with the latest time of ticket creation is set in the PNR.

In some cases, the Ticket Time Limit may become more restrictive than originally specified in the TST.


Once the reservation is done you will see a correct Ticket Time Limit.

You will always be informed by e-mail if the TKTL changes.

Free Baggage Allowance

Different fares have different baggage allowance. 

To get more information about what's what, mouse-over the icons.

Green: Free checked baggage for all flight legs included
Yellow: At least one leg without free baggage allowance
Red: No free baggage allowance or no information available

"N/A" only appears in the results list. The correct baggage allowance is displayed during the booking process.

For “MIX” please collapse the result to get to know which route allows free baggage.

If you hover over the "0PC" icon, you will see the price of one piece of luggage per person. 

Please note that this is not supported by all airlines / GDS.

Agency Markup

Green: Price includes your agency mark up or service fee
Red: Net fare without mark up

Adjust your agency mark up by updating the number in the mark-up-field above the “Filters”-section. 

You may increase or reduce the mark-up. 

The entry will be applied per person. 

The agency markup can also be adjusted on the payment page.


In this example no agency markup is defined by default (Agent Markup Calculation).