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Flight Search

All around flight search: radius search, fares, Rail & Fly, Zug Zum Flug and filter options. 


Cockpit flight search has a lot of great options - but with being new to the site we thought you might want a proper introduction. A digital hand-shake, if you will.

Starting off with the search function, you might want to fill in your departure and arrival destination. 

Next, the date and perhaps a time slot for your travels.

To the right side of these options you'll see a big blue minus and plus sign. 

Click on these to get the following options:

  • Use “+” and “-” to add or delete flight legs for one-way journeys or multi-stop circle trips.
  • Use the “via” option for simple return flights rather than adding all legs.
    Open-Jaw routing can be searched by replacing the origin or destination city of the return flight.


  • “More search options” are available, e.g. selecting passenger types, non-stop flights, calendar search or up to 3 airlines, specific fare types and more.


Radius Search

In some cases you might want to search offers from alternative airports within a radius of up to 300 km. When selecting this option, the icon will appear like this:

and selected ones will be marked blue.

Multiple Airports

By using the “+” icon you can add up to 3 different airport- or city-codes.

You may not use this option for open-jaw itineraries.

Fares, Rail & Fly and "Zug zum Flug"

On land, at sea and in air - Cockpit provides loads of different travel options!

If you want to see all the options available to you, then just enter „QYG“ in the origin field of the search for options that may include rail options. Alternatively, you can book rail tickets as a feeder for long haul flights later during the booking process (Zug zum Flug „ZzF“).

Also, please note that all the shown train options are merely an example. It does not apply to the current time tables.

To get an updated schedule, please visit:  www.bahn.com/en 

Flexible calendar search / Cabin class combination

With the flexible calendar search, you can request multiple dates - all at the same time! 

However, take notice that the radius search and multiple airport requests can't be combined with the flexible calendar search.

Do you want to combine different cabin classes? No problem!

All you have to do is select „Mix“ in the cabin class option

Here you can choose Economy Class requests as well as return Business Class fares, if these are cheaper than the Economy fares. 

The same option applies to Business Class searches with First Class fares as a return flight, if these are cheaper than the requested Business fares. 

You can pre-select the cabin class for the whole itinerary or per flight portion.

Result page flexible calendar search / +/- 1 day

The results will be displayed directly on the result page. If the date differs to the requested date, the flights will be marked as follows.

Result page flexible calendar search / +/- 2 days

An orange colour label indicates the cheapest offer, whereas your original flight dates are displayed in light blue. 

Please note: The result matrix does not include Low Cost offers. 

By clicking on a specific date combination Low Cost options will be displayed as well.

Search for specific tariff types

Here you have the possibility to exclude tariffs such as LOW or VFR from the search. However, the PUB, NEG and NET tariffs are always delivered and cannot be changed.


Note: If you click on "Reset search" and thus start a new search, your previous entry under Tariff is reset to the default setting.

Search for specific fare conditions

With this search setting you have the possibility to display only fares without cancellation fee or only re-bookable fares.

Note: The "All recommendations" search is set by default, if you switch to one of the other three options, only results in the GDS based on the filtering by the airline will be delivered.  

Exclusive search for fares with free baggage allowance

If you tick the box "Tariffs with free baggage allowance", only tariffs that include free baggage allowance will be displayed.

Note: Offers where baggage is booked as an additional service are not included.