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Booking management

Learn more about booking searches, ticket numbers, PNR-import and automatic pricing.   


When using Cockpit you are able to get an overview of all your bookings at any given moment by using the menu "My Booking".

From here, you have several booking options.  You can use the search field to pick up information on previous bookings either by name, booking reference or SPNR - or you can import the PNR made in GDS directly into Cockpit to store the booking records in one place. 

Finally, in one glimpse you're able to see the total amounts of bookings, reservations and their ticket time limit. This makes it easier for you to organise your workflow. 

PNR Import

Using the "PNR Import" function you can transfer bookings from your own GDS to “My Bookings” for further processing, adding seats and extras as well as ordering tickets.

Please activate your Office ID or PCC to your consolidator and enter an additional remark to the PNR containing your agency number:

Amadeus: RM AGYKD-123456

(123456 = your agency number)

Sabre: 5AGYKD-123456

PNR Import Sabre GDS: 

If an error occurs during re-pricing after the PNR has been imported (error code 6701), please perform a Branch Access B and activate the PNR. 

Please note that this can only be entered by a user with admin rights in Sign-on (EPR).

Entry: W/TAA<ihre PCC># B9UZH

Currently, importing is only possible for bookings from Amadeus and Sabre GDS. Galileo and Farelogix will follow.

PNR-Import - Automatic Pricing

When you're importing your PNR you might want to choose an automated repricing. 

In order to do so, you have to store a daily TST/PQ and a fare remark in the GDS booking:

The prefix can also be AFW2 / AGY or AQ, e.g. RM or 5 AFW2TARIFF-IATA will work

However, please note that for the time being, this option is only available for German agencies with corporate codes.

For the time being, we're working on enabling the corporate codes for all other countries.

Sharing is caring, and as soon as this function is ready for the rest of the world, we will all have the pleasure of using the tool. 

The following fare types can be entered. But note that the fare depends on the activation for the agency:

Fare TypeAmadeusSabre


If a public fare is stored in the GDS booking the following remark is required.


Search bookings

Finally we have come to the search bookings. 

We know, that this tends to pile up rather fast. So, a quick way to find your booking is to use the filter function and by that narrow down the search results. 

You can filter your searches by using these options:

  • Booking – Booking number / PNR
  • Name(s) – Surname of the passengers
  • Ticket status – Ticket time limit or booking status (“ordered”, “issued”, “flown” or “cancelled”)
  • Airline – 2-letter code of the airline, this will be available on the ticket
  • Flight Number – Date or time of outbound flight
  • From – 3-letter code of the departure airport
  • To – 3-letter code of the arrival airport
  • Return Date – Date or time of the return flight
  • Booked on – Date or time of the booking
  • Fare – Fare
  • Notes – Free text can be put in this field

Ticket numbers

Are you in need of getting an overview of the ticket numbers? 

By clicking on the TKT icon you will find not only the ticket numbers but also the EMDs issued or voided.

If you later on in your booking process need to get back to these informations, you can always go to Passenger Details and get another look.



With Cockpit you can void your booking directly in the Order Manager. 
The issued tickets will automatically be cancelled for a contractually agreed fee, as long as the void is still available.

Please note: The void time limit depends on where the ticket was issued. For international fares, the limit may therefore be exceeded on the same day. In this case, the corresponding information will appear.

Great news, you're able to re-visit all of your bookings in Passenger Details. 

In here you have a complete overview of your booking history. This means, that at a glance you can see which ticket was cancelled and which are voided. 

Sometimes, you reach the void limit. But luckily Cockpit will let you know. 

Should it be the case, then this error message will appear: 


As was the case with void tickets, the same type of message will appear in situations where the flight segments have been cancelled. 

In that case a popup will inform you about your options for refund and take you directly to the online refund form.


Which additional services are possible after ticket ordering or reservations only? (Does not apply to Low Cost and direct connections):

 After “Reservations Only”
(tickets not yet issued)
Tickets ordered / issued
New booking “Zug zum Flug” 
Change/cancel “Zug zum Flug” 
New booking seat reservation

Free of charge

✅  / Subject to charges


Change seat reservation (follows)
New booking/change extras (follows)

Print offer

You can print out your selected offer directly from the results page as a PDF file.

All you have to do is click on the "Offer" button for the offer you want and the pop-up window shown here will open.

The following languages are available:   

  • German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Czech and Turkish

You can choose between Display price and Hide price or list all alternatives. 

Your offer will open in a separate window:

You can choose between Display price and Hide price or list all alternatives.

Example including free text:

Copy to clipboard

In addition to the offer creation via PDF, there is now the option to copy the offer via Copy & Paste function and copy it into your e-mail program or Word, adjust it and send it to your customer.

Alternatives for Lufthansa

If you select an offer from the LH-Group in the list of results and click on "Book now", the system checks whether an alternative via LH direct connection or an alternative Validating Carrier (usually for USA and Canada) can be offered for the selected flights.

If this is possible, the system automatically forwards you to the "Alternatives" page: