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Dive into in-depth articles about your bookings. From flight searches, fares, passenger details or agent markup, the guide has it all.

Booking management

Learn more about booking searches, ticket numbers, PNR-import and automatic pricing.   

Flight Search

All around flight search: radius search, fares, Rail & Fly, Zug Zum Flug and filter options. 

Agent Markup

Get guided through everything there is to know about the Agent Markup Calculation

Passenger Details

Get more information on passenger details for Frequent Flyer Numbers and Known Traveller Number.


Here is how you find and use the Upsell function in Cockpit.

Fare Families

What's a Fare Family? This article gives you an overview of the fares and what they include.

Additional Services

Seat reservations, ancillary flight services, extra up- and cross sell options during your booking process.

Low Cost

Find out how to handle Low Cost tickets and the payment methods.

Result Page

Learn about the different functions within the result page.

NDC Direct Connections

An introduction to NDC Direct Connections and how to use it in the booking process.