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Save and share a journey

How to save a trip

You do not have to book the arranged trip immediately. With "Save & Share", your building-block trip will be saved with all details.

You can add a cover picture, a name and a short description before saving your building-block trip.

Use this possibility to send your building-block trip idea to your customer via email or Whatsapp - use the button "Share/Send" for this. Of course, you can also post it on Facebook or Twitter.

How to send a travel offer

The customer now receives a Whatsapp message or email with this travel offer and can find out more by clicking on "Check itinerary" or the Whatsapp link. From there, he/she can adjust the trip and make the booking himself/herself.  

Super easy - all from the comfort of the couch.

Unbelievable but true:
It does not matter if the customer books the trip in your office or from home, the commission is credited to you directly! Your customers can create a customer account and arrange their own trips at any time - you get your commission on every booking without having to do anything!