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Book a journey

How to book a trip

Before booking, the booking conditions must be confirmed. Afterwards, the final price check will be made.

On the next page, enter the traveler data.

Here you can also enter the email address of the office, if you want the entire handling and communication of the trip to go through you.

You can also book additional baggages with the airlines that already support this feature.

All relevant booking information is then displayed for confirmation.

At the bottom of the page you will find a summary of all cancellation costs, where you have to confirm the terms of use and then click "Continue".

The payment page displays the total amount again. 

Now you have to enter the data of the travelers. Click on "Use travel applicant" to transfer the data of the first traveller.

Click on „Make binding and chargeable booking“ and then…

… you have booked your CHS building-block trip!