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Flight search

Dive into in-depth articles in order to learn how to find the flights that best suit your customerĀ“s needs.

How to search

All around flight search: radius search, fares, Rail & Fly and filter options. 


You already made a booking for your customers and want to create another one for the same passengers? This is how you can save time using the personal data you already entered before.

Result Page

Learn about the different functions within the result page.


Here is how you find and use the Upsell function in Cockpit.

Fare Families

What's a Fare Family? This article gives you an overview of the fares and what they include.

Create an offer

You can print out your selected offer directly from the results page as a PDF file or copy it to the clipboard or directly into an email.

Special content

Learn the most important facts about NDC direct connections and Low Cost tariffs